As the health industry expands and requires more personnel, the job market will favor people capable of handling the influx with advanced degrees. Psychologists will increasingly be in demand given the strain that mental health resources take on providers like hospitals. If you are interested in tapping into this job market, it has never been easier to get an education in psychology and an Online Psychology Degree may be attainable in less time than a traditional classroom degree.

Should You Consider the Benefits of Taking Online Classes in Order to Get a Psychology Degree?

The advantages of online courses appeal to non-traditional students, or those who already have full- or part-time jobs, a family, or other commitments to their time. Given that the online program will allow you to take courses on your own schedule and work to your own learning strengths, the Internet course schedule can be expanded or condensed as needed, allowing one to finish up their coursework in the span of a year or less if necessary.

What You Can Study

The course load for online programs will prepare a student to have a thorough knowledge of mental health, of social influences on behavior, and of communication with patients. This can encompass classes ranging from abnormal psychology, in which mental health is analyzed in a frame of strict diagnosis and treatment, to the statistics of psychology in which students understand the data of patients, treatments, and communication. Classes focusing on both adult psychotherapy and child therapy will be completed to get the online degree. At the bachelor’s level, the college classes will be subject-oriented, but at advanced (masters and doctorate level) classes, the student will need to understand and challenge research or findings to prove their advanced comprehension.

How Long Will it Take Someone to Complete an Online Program?

It will depend on the university’s online program and the number of credits that a student brings in. In general, an online degree may take as little as one to two years or as many as four, similar to a traditional college course load. Since online learners have a better ability to get through their classes with no waiting time, it usually takes less than two years for completion unless other commitments keep the pace down. Likewise, the cost of classes depends on the online university. A typical three-hour online course will cost between seven and nine hundred dollars. Tallying up the classroom costs with book costs, it will likely cost between five and seven thousand dollars per semester to pursue an Online Psychology Degree; a four-year bachelor’s degree will cost about twenty-five thousand dollars.

Career Future and Average Salary of a Psychologist

While this is a major investment, it can start to pay for itself upon graduation. Psychologists are in massive demand, with the profession growing twenty-two percent in the next decade, much faster than the average job prospects. With no necessary job experience and a median pay of thirty-three dollars per hour (about seventy thousand dollars per year), this career offers immediate placement and significant salary benefits. The highest paid psychologist hold advanced degrees, while those who practice mental health medicine require a license.

Specialties in Psychologist

There is no such thing as a comprehensive psychologist, however, and it will be necessary to declare a specialization and then take classes to train in that specialty. A clinical psychologist will work with patients that have a variety of conditions presenting ranging from child development imagedisorders to conditions that are more chronic like schizophrenia. A cognitive and perceptual psychologist, on the other hand, may have limited exposure to patients but a massive understanding of how their minds function, focusing on how people learn, remember, and make decisions. A counseling psychologist may help families or individuals to work towards a goal, whether it is in their careers or their personal lives, and may not prescribe medicine but will have a great deal of influence over their patients. An educational psychologist will study teaching children and adults, considering factors like motivation, culture, and family background. A sports psychologist works with athletes to define their competitive performance and deal with anxiety or failure.

Should You Consider an Online Psychology Degree?

If your time is limited or you are unable to take classes at a nearby university due to proximity, it can be a great way to establish a career. Since psychology is a scientific field, it demands paying close attention and being able to keep an impartial mind towards a clinical conclusion. Students who find they lack analytical ability may be less successful.

Where to Study? Tips on Choosing Online Schools

The best schools are those that are accredited and that can provide work-placement skills for their students. The influx of online universities that provide their students with only the coursework itself has made it difficult for many to pick what is and is not a good school, any online university that is not accredited will not be worth the time and money you put into it. It is always best to choose a program that is affiliated with a college curriculum at a major university. When you apply, ensure that your letters of recommendation and transcripts are appealing and amenable, as they will be the biggest factors towards acceptance into a psychology program.

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How Far Can One Go with Online Education?

Some universities only offer bachelor-level classes, while others have master’s and doctorate level classes as well. It is quite difficult to get a good-paying job with only a bachelor’s degree in psychology, meaning that many students will need to take higher-level courses in order to pursue a career. This can be a drain on time and money and must be weighed carefully against another career trajectory. Since some businesses have a bias against online programs, furthermore, due to their recent innovation and controversy about standards, a hiring decision may not be inclined to award a position to an online degree holder. Whether you get a master’s or doctorate, it is important to excel in classes and make connections with teachers who can provide letters of recommendation.

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Turning a passion for mental health into a career can be done through online programs, but the student must take very special care to ensure their efforts will pay off. It is necessary to contact potential employers to determine their opinion of online degree holders, and to make sure your specialization is geared towards an active job market. For someone willing to put in the time and effort, however, it can be much better than taking traditional classes.

Source : American Psychological Association (APA)

Author : Alan McKatel