What is the Average Salary of a Psychologist in US?

The average salary of a psychologist in US is expected to be more than $83,285. However, the salary of a psychologist may also depend on the type of position and job that they have on the company. There are lots of different jobs for a psychologist in the United States, however these jobs and positions also have different salary ranges and rate.

Some surveys made by the American Psychological Association show that the salary of typical psychologists sometimes also depends on the year of experience and service that they have been doing for the company. There are many different types of careers and work for a psychologist, but the most common career is becoming a professor.

There are 3 major types of professor career ranks that a psychologist can become. The first one is the assistant professor; this rank has an average or median salary of more than $63,000, depending on the amount of experienced year they have on this type of job. After becoming an assistant professor for 3 to 5 years, some of them might get promoted and become an associate professor that has an average salary of more than $70,700. Full-time professors in the United States have an average salary of more than $89,000 up to $114,353, but may sometimes also depend on the work experience that they have and the service they provide.

The typical job description of a certain psychologist often deals with patients that have mental and emotional disorders with regard to their behaviors. The duty of a psychologist is to evaluate each patient and check if there are any disorders on their emotional and mental behaviors. Some of the reports about the average salary of a psychologist were also divided into 15 different sections and the first 12 of them provided the salary data for the specific types of positions of a psychologist at the doctoral level.

The faculty positions had an average salary of $36,818 up to $65,000 with the average work experience of 13 years and holding a master’s degree. Research positions had an average salary of $57,382 or even higher, but may also need to have an average year of work experience and a master’s degree. The average salary of a psychologist in US usually depends on the type of career that they are involved in and the typical type of job that they have been performing.